Would not stay running, so I tried a new carb kit, new bulb, new fuel lines. Still has problems. I believe it loses compression after getting hot. To top it off, the spark plug wire broke the last time I took it off to check spark, so it will need a new one. Chainbar oil also leaks. Comes with case and all the original carb parts. The new aftermarket carb will still need to be dialed in.
Wagner Power Steamer 705. Electric plug-in steamer for removing wallpaper. $50 new. Works good, I removed wallpaper from two rooms now Im done with it.
I am not certain but possibly stainless steel as it attracts a magnet this is only a guess on my part. Tubular Micrometer Company. St. James Minnesota USA. X-06. case and micrometer weighs over 11 pounds. the case is wood. the case measures approx. 28 x 17 x 2-14. appears to be the original wood case. the case shows writing, wear, age, cracking, tape and paint. I do not know the last time this ...
Vintage Slocumb huge 19-20 Machinist Micrometer Wood Case Navy Calibrationwood case measures 16 x 27 x 2-14. 6A20M3 and D.M.S. Engraved on micrometer. weighs over 14-12 pounds including the case. case is a bit beat up as shown in pictures. the micrometer is in good cosmetic condition. there is a NAVY CALIBRATION PROGRAM 1977 INACTIVE sticker that reads CALIBRATE BEFORE USING.
RARE Vintage Antique Williams Chain Pipe Vise NYE Tool Works Cast Iron BaseNYE Tool Works Chicago Cast iron basestand. Vise drop Forge Williams Made in USA Vulcan. chain is approx. 18 long. base is approx. 14 x 15 and around 6 tall not including the vise or pipe rest. weighs over 30 pounds.